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Value added Commercial Real Estate Services

TMC utilizes years of experience and professional expertise to provide you with solutions to your real estate matters. You remain focused on your business/profession with no diversions from a transaction you may only seldomly encounter. We become a member of your team likened to your business’ Senior Vice President of Real Estate.

In addition, TMC can provide the following services:

  • User Representation for Office, Commercial, Medical, Legal/Attorney & Investment Properties
  • Landlord Representation for Office, Commercial, Medical, Legal/Attorney & Investment Properties
  • Acquisitions and Dispositions
  • Land and Site Selection
  • Real Estate Advisory and Consulting
  • Real Estate Investment Sales & Marketing
  • Asset Value Enhancement
  • Special Projects for Clients
  • Equity Positions for Tenants through Leasing
  • Sale/Leasebacks
  • Broker Opinion Of Value (for Lenders, Asset Managers and Owners)

Our Services

TMC-The Mahr Company’s tenant representation services are designed to save you time and money and lower your costs of occupancy. You can remain focused on your business with no diversions on a transaction you may encounter only once every five to ten years.

If you are considering:

  • Leasing New Space for Your Business
  • Renegotiating your existing lease
  • Build to suit opportunities
  • Leasing with equity
  • Building acquisition

Contact our team leader Vice President, Realtor Associate Amy Cox

How much is Your Business/Firm worth to Your Current Landlord?

What would they lose if you were no longer a Tenant in their building, or vacated at the end
of your lease term?

Let us provide you with a FREE EVALUATION as to how To LEVERAGE YOUR VALUE as a Tenant
into more favorable terms for your Business/Firm.

We assist you to evaluate your current lease and explore the possibility of a lease renegotiation transaction. The result of which for your business/firm might include:

  • Reduce current rent and occupancy costs
  • Lock-in predictable costs for the future
  • Reduce security deposits
  • Reset operating expense and tax calculations
  • Secure landlord dollars to expand or improve your facilities, buy new FF&E, and more
  • Achieve more favorable business terms
  • Update obsolete lease documents
  • Secure favorable rights and options, to grow, contract, purchase, renew, or otherwise
  • Achieve other benefits which may include:
    • Reduction or elimination of the securitization of your lease
    • Reduction or elimination of the guarantee of your lease
    • Increase the length of your present lease term, for more favorable terms
    • Increase the length or number of lease option periods
    • Reduce the remaining time of your lease term
    • Increase or decrease the size of your leased premises
    • Obtain an option or right of first refusal on space contingent or near to your premises

Our Services include at no cost to you:

  • Free Evaluation of your current lease agreement
  • Market research of comparable buildings and deals being done in your existing building
  • Evaluation of lease terms & conditions with the comparable buildings
  • Commercial lease renegotiation
  • Preparation of new lease terms & conditions in coordination with your legal counsel
  • Legal due diligence in coordination with your legal counsel
  • New Lease or Lease Amendment signing
  • “Bottom line: In this economy, treat no cost as fixed. As stated in a Forbes
    Magazine Article “Occupancy costs have become a controllable expense”

TMC serves the unique needs of real estate users, investors, and owners, in acquiring or disposing of their real estate investments or holdings.

Providing years of expertise and a proven track record of success in:

  • Acquiring properties for use or investment
  • Disposing of properties and optimizing the economics of their values
  • Sale/Lease back Services
  • Long-term investment in Real Estate

TMC works to build solid partnership/working relationships with our clients to understand their acquisition/disposition parameters. Thereafter, we integrate market research, market awareness, and product availability based on current supply and demand, to anticipate trends, positioning our clients in front of them. Throughout the process, we are mindful of the necessity of building-in individual exit strategies.

Contact our team leader: Amy Cox

Our land and site selection services are designed to provide a multi disciplinary team approach to land and site selection, predicated on the specific needs and parameters of our clients.

TMC becomes a member of your team likened to your Vice President of Real Estate, performing a full gamut of services creating unique value in the land and site selection process based on market knowledge, extensive research persistent competent work ethic, detailed follow through and a get it done philosophy.

There are many factors that impact land and site selection for developers, users and/or investors.

These include but are not limited to:

  • Location
    • Present
    • Path of future growth
  • Development Opportunities and or limitations
  • Land Use planning and future land use planning
  • Regional population shifts
  • Opportunities that present based on circumstances unique to various properties
  • Supply and Demand as to end use
  • TMC fields a team of qualified, dedicated land experts representing our clients and prospective clients.

TMC-The Mahr Company provides Building Owners/Landlords with years of experience and a track record of success to maximize your real estate assets performance and value.

TMC-The Mahr Company has comprehensive diverse experience and extensive market knowledge it brings to landlord representation.

TMC-The Mahr Company has had prior years in the role of developer and owner of commercial office buildings and now has its own portfolio of commercial properties as such we fully understand the need to count and rely on your properties Leasing Representative to maximize your property value. TMC offers client centered landlord/building owner representation services.

We formulate a custom tailored marketing plan, then execute it relentlessly and report regularly to you as Landlord/Building owner.


  • Value Added Services
  • Responsiveness and Accountability
  • Innovative Marketing and Visibility – Marketing is the key to your property’s success. Reaching the right audience, with the right message, is mission critical. We have an extensive outreach and presence on all major commercial listing venues, as well as an extensive data base for email campaigns and making the brokerage community at large aware of your availabilities.
  • Results – The bottom line is that results are what matters. We have an unparalleled track record of delivering the potential outcomes for our clients. We are deal makers, and we deliver results.

Contact our team leader Senior Director, Realtor Associate Cathy D. Sopher

TMC offers specialization in Medical Office Real Estate Services. What this translates to for you, as a medical practitioner, is the TMC team becomes your problem solver and solution finder so that you can remain focused on what you do best, practice medicine.

TMC provides hands on services in the Tampa Bay area for medical office users including in the following areas:

  • Sourcing
  • Leasing
  • Marketing
  • Acquiring
  • Disposing
  • Consulting
  • Build To Suits
  • Lease With Equity
  • Special Projects

Finding Solutions through Creative Problem Solving.

TMC offers specialization in Legal/Attorney Office Real Estate Services. What this translates to for you, as a legal practitioner, is the TMC team becomes your problem solver and solution finder so that you can remain focused on what you do best, practice the Law.

TMC provides hands on full services in the Tampa Bay area for Legal/Attorney office users including in the following areas:

  • Sourcing
  • Relocating
  • Renegotiating Existing Lease
  • Acquiring and Identifying New Leasehold or Fee Simple Ownership
  • Disposing
  • Build To Suits
  • Lease With Equity
  • Special Projects and Consulting

Finding Solutions through Creative Problem Solving.

TMC- has created a Capital Markets/Real Estate Investment Group as an adjunct to TMC- The Mahr Company to take advantage of real estate investment opportunities As such The Capital Markets/Real Estate Investment Group is comprised of a team of seasoned professionals from the financial, legal, real estate development and brokerage disciplines, who are experienced in identifying, qualifying & structuring the acquisition and disposition of income producing properties and developments.

Our focus is primarily on repositioning commercial office, business and multifamily projects by acquiring the project and/or the underlying debt at a substantial discount and thereafter stabilizing the same within a short period of time, under a revised economic model. Project quality, location and upside potential weigh heavily in the selection process, as there are a lot of opportunities in today’s market, but only a few meet our standards and investment criteria.

We are always interested in prospective investment partners who are committed to the same principles and values that have made our company a success.

All of our investment opportunities are private placements which are offered in reliance upon exemptions from the registration requirements of the Securities Act and applicable state securities laws. Please refer to the project-specific offering Memorandum for further details.

Before investing in any project or offering, you should carefully read the entire offering Memorandum together with any and all related documents and instruments, and consult your own counsel, accountants and other professional advisors as to legal, tax, accounting and other related matters concerning your investment in the project and its suitability for you.

TMC is aligned with the most competent and skilled: | Real Estate Brokerage firms in select other specialties (throughout Florida the Southeast and the United States) | Developers; | Real Estate Investment Bankers; | Mortgage Brokers; | Attorneys; | Accountants; | Architects and Engineers; | Interior Designers; | General Contractors and Select Others in order to provide our clients with the highest level of services possible.

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